Episode 1: The Maiden Voyage

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From the moment we locked eyes, deeply engaged in a thoughtful conversation about the universe and God, I knew where these conversations would eventually wander - to PODCASTING. In Episode 1, we talk about how we see our relationship and parenting experience as a school in which we are constantly immersed in lessons of the soul. Our goal with this [+ every episode] is to help listeners like you gain a new perspective or learn a new tool to help you navigate your relationships [both parenting and intimate] in a productive way that helps you LEARN instead of drown and feel hopeless.

We believe that each of the areas we cover in this episode weave together to form an ecosystem that should not be compartmentalized. Each of these areas must expand and work together to help the ecosystem reach it's true potential. After all, how we interact with our intimate partner determines how our kids are raised and what they experience. How we perceive the universe, consciousness or spirituality will influence the principles with which we choose to parent our children and treat the people around us. The way we eat will affect our energy levels and our mood which primes us to THRIVE or struggle in our problem solving and communication. Each of these areas of LIFE impacts another and we strive to always share what's working and what isn't with love, honesty + a little humor. 


Lots of Love,
Gordon & Bizzie


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